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Jewels Rosaasen is a Mother of 2, London age 12 and Ryder age 5, wife to Chris Rosaasen and Founder/Owner of Something Artists Agency.  Jewels invited us into her new home in Brentwood, Los Angeles to let us in on what it took for her to get from being a single, young mom working as a Fashion Stylist to running her own Talent Agency and settling down with her family. 

Jewels started Something Artists in 2015 and now represents 9 clients including a Poet, A Violinist, a Fashion Stylist, 2 Make-Up Artists, a Hair Stylist, a Film Director, an Illustrator and an all-female Art Collective.  Her home is always filled with an overwhelming sense of style.  Muted Pink Velvet and Iron 1940’s chairs sit around an antique door flipped on its side to become a table.  A pink typewriter (a gift from one of Jewels’ artists Poet, Cleo Wade) sits at the head of her 12-person dining room table and waits for London to type up her thoughts.  There is pale wood, white linen, a green bathroom floor, and tons of light beaming in from every direction of the home.  The house sits poolside and across the way from the guest house which is used as the SOMETHING ARTISTS office as well as for the occasional dinner party.  After shooting, Jewels and I flop onto her bed while we watch our kids from her bedroom balcony as they ping pong from pool to hot tub.  I roll the tape and I fire away my questions.  

Q: What was it like being a young single mom in your early 20's while working as a Fashion Stylist in LA?

A:  The community that I surrounded myself with at the time was extremely supportive.  London has many "Mothers".  The women I had around me always made me feel like I could do anything and when you are told that you CAN, you DO.  I was also very lucky that I had a baby that loved being around people.  We just went with the flow.  There is almost too much information out there these days about how to raise your child.  At the time, I didn't really care about any of that.  I don't think I was aware of it.  I was sort of flying by the seat of my pants, not overthinking things and just going on with my life.  The difference was, I had a little partner in crime to do it with.  

Q: How do you incorporate a child into your life without having to completely change your life?  Of course, we all change as we embark onto Motherhood but what if we still want to work, still maintain friendships, etc.  

A: When I had London, I wasn’t sitting around saying that I wished I had "this life" or "that life", I just had what I had and I made it work.  At that point, I still wanted to really do me, and I had my daughter, so she did ME with ME.  I needed to figure out who I was and I needed to figure out how to grow.  Because of the community we were surrounded by, we all just took her everywhere!  We took her to concerts, and dinners, she was out on the town.  It may not have been conventional at the time but I was young and it worked for us. And then you start to grow up and I even grew out of wanting to do all those things.   I was never worried about what anyone else was thinking, I was just listening to what felt right at the time for me, and for her.  But that just always worked for me.  Some people may need to have solo "adult" time.  Part of the problem is that most people make this decision on what is "right" and then we/they project that onto other people.  Of course, there is no "right" way or one way to raise a child.  Instead of being so judgmental about it, we just really need to raise people up and make them feel good about it.

Q: How have you managed to incorporate self-care in your life?

A: It’s definitely a struggle.  It is!  I feel like society hasn’t really adapted itself to having true working entrepreneurial women who are also raising families. Of course, you cannot do everything.  It’s been a great challenge for me to achieve balance, especially right now with the growth of Something Artists, and to know when you have tapped out. Right now, I’m learning how to be able to just say “no” to people without feeling guilty about it.  It’s about a capacity.   My big struggle right now exercise!! 

Q: Yes!  That is my next question.  What is your current exercise regime?

A: It doesn’t exist! I am clear on what it needs to be!  I am a huge fan of Tracy Anderson.  I also love The Class, Hot Yoga, and I love doing weights.  I gravitate towards a pretty aggressive exercise but flow in and out of a regime based on the craziness of my life.  I know you can’t just turn everything around in 24 hours and you do need a starting point.  Right now, we are working on the food and diet component of our regime as a family!  We sat down with Nutritionist Be Well by Kelly and we focused on omitting sugars and getting the diet really clean.  My goal is to be able to start re-introducing exercise into my schedule 2 days a week.   

Q: Because you are working full time and traveling, what kinds of things do you do to connect with your kids?

A: During the week, I am very focused on finishing my workload so that I am phone-free on the weekends and can focus on family time.  When I travel and I’m gone, I’m gone.  When we try to connect through phone or Face Time, it just spins them out and makes it worse. Chris and I really try and be present on the weekends and focus on the girls.  The week is for work and the weekends are for Family.  Every night we have dinner together.  I still bathe with my girls and we make mini spa nights out of it.  We love to lotion up and do face masks etc.  My girls have a great palette and love to explore different foods.  We go on dining adventures together, that is something we share as a family and it’s a fun way for us to connect.

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