Matthew McGuinness is an Artist with a love of Food, the Environment, his wife Kenya and their adorable kid Cosmo!

McGuinness's urban projects blur the vocational boundaries between design and art, competition and cooperation and ultimately between reality and or fantasy. By building a community of individuals and businesses that are linked to the arts, McGuinness demonstrates that social engagement in the process of creating art can be as valuable as the art itself.

In 2009 he moved his studio to London where he has begun a new body of work, Gourmandizing London, which explores the social order of food. For this work, he was shortlisted for the Salon Art Prize in 2011. Two years later, he expanded the project producing recipe-based murals throughout the city, celebrating the breaking of bread and investigating how people in various communities create new concoctions in their kitchens.

Recently Matthew gave a series of successful artist-led workshops at the Tate Modern, via its Hyperlink Festival, using techniques found in contemporary illustration and graphic design to visually articulate the connection between a memory to a favorite dish and an emotional association to a plate of food prepared by a loved family member.

He has taught at the School of Visual Arts and University of Southern California Santa Cruz. He also guest lectured and hosted workshops  at Centro Desino in Mexico City, Fabrica in Italy, Tate Modern in London and L'École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.

Matthew was chosen as Le Petit Gem's first AIR. Meredith and Matthew have a long time history which began in their teens in New York City where they both lived while attending Art and Fashion School.  This collaboration will mark their second project together.  Matthew was commissioned by Made Her Think in 2005 to created the artwork for printed silk scarves.  Le Petit Gem would like to introduce to you "Little Gems", by Matthew McGuinness.

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